Intell update 5 Progress report

Greetings Soldiers,

First, we want to say that we were late on this new update, we skipped the August update. We aim for updates in a monthly period but sometimes there is not a lot of information. This update will also be one of the shorter ones. If there are any topics, we should address in an update share it in the comments! The upcoming months should have plenty of material for updates as we move on to production. We do have some exciting news that we will be able to share hopefully in the next update, this will affect all our current backers.


As announced in the latest update our that our timeline for delivery is gonna be Q1 2024, we are working diligently to ensure everything is perfect. As we progress through production, we will update this timeline to be more precise.


Now, onto the exciting part! We are happy to inform you that we are currently at the end of pre-production. We are close to 99% completing this stage, and we can’t wait to share some pre-production samples with all of you. This time we want to show some maps samples that we received a couple weeks ago, it’s nice to see the maps finally in real life! Besides the overall quality, we spent time on every aspect like the opacity levels of the different lines on the different maps. With these samples we can make the final product even better than it already is. We go for quality and sometimes this takes a little bit extra time.

Moro River "pre-production sample with our preferred opacity for all (cover) Lines"
Ardennes Forest "pre-production sample"


Our team of backers is already in the process of translating the game into multiple languages. We are immensely grateful to those who have stepped forward to assist with translations, and your efforts are highly appreciated.


If you do have a new question or concern please just reach out and submit a ticket: .

Also If you have any questions about CoHbg2  join our community  DISCORD,  play TTS games, talk with other players and playtesters, use it with your translations group  or just have some fun. We also have a  FACEBOOK page if you prefer this above discord.

Thanks for the support.


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