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Hello fellow soldiers!

First I want to introduce myself here. My name is Rudy and for the last few years I’m really active on Facebook an discord play testing CoHBG 2e and helping people out with being up to date with the changes and printable files to play test 2e. Because of my involvement in this way Bad Crow Games asked me last year if I wanted to become your community manager and I accepted this.

If you have any questions regarding game play, want a teach, or just want to play a game, feel free to reach out to me on Discord or Facebook!

So with that out of the way I want to say that how amazing this community has been!
A lot has happened with a lot of uncertainties with CoHBG 2e in the last year, but with all your support and help we will see this game being produced and delivers at your doorstep and I am as hyped about it as all of you are!

Now for the updates on what is going on, there are a few things I want to go through.

Current state of the game:

Everything is still on schedule for delivery in Q2 2024!
We are currently finalizing the files and do some of the last checking on the components.
Also we hired Corin who will be going through the rule book making sure everything is correctly worded and such. We also got a lot of help from our community on this point, so thank you all for the help so far!.

Corin has taken the lead on working with the translation teams as well and last week he sent out an email that the last changes will be put in the files and the translation teams can finish the translations.

Next we received samples of the new HQ board!
We made a couple more changed to it and I hope you will all love it as much as I do!
These will be included in the new Core set, Faction sets, 2e Upgrade kit, and the OKW upgrade kit.

Here we have some pictures comparing the old with the new HQ board. Sample

As you can see a couple things has changed:
1. Added the 5+ to the income
2. Added 10+ to the stockpiles
3. The commander card will hang out on the top a little bit. Which makes it easier to slot in and remove, as well matching the look and feel of the folder aesthetic. 
4. The tracking of what tier is unlocked in underneath the commander and they are numbered.
5. The slot to put the commander card in is slightly bigger to fit sleeved cards. Also the corners have changed from being round to angled to fit sleeved cards better.

Discord and Future Socials:

Next I want to talk a little bit about the CoHBG Discord.
As many already have noticed it has changed last week to be our official Bad Crow Games discord.
Beside CoHBG, also older and future games made by Bad Crow Games will be added here.
I did make some changes to it in the way how you can access the channels to the games that interest you.

At the bottom of the welcome page you need to press on the icon with the games you want to follow. This will give you access to those channels. Why we did it this what is that not everybody that loves CoHBG might like the other game, so this way you don’t get unnecessary pings of the channels that are to no interest of you. You can always opt-in or opt-out by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the welcome page 

I’ll also be working on the other socials so you guys can find us there or keep better up to date with new updates or news from Bad Crow Games. These will all be added in the coming weeks.

Next that’s in the pipeline is that we want to make more video’s of let’s plays, how to play, Q&A etc in the future, so keep tuned for that!.

In this regard I also want to reach out to content creators (YouTube, twitch or any other platform), If you have interest in making a video(s) of CoHBG 2e and/or any future games you can reach out to me on: we’ll be looking forward to work with you!

So that’s all the news I have for you today, I hope you all have a nice day and I’ll see you next time!


If you do have a new question or concern please just reach out and submit a ticket: .

Also If you have any questions about CoHBG 2e  join our community  DISCORD,  play TTS games, talk with other players and play testers, use it with your translations group  or just have some fun. We also have a  FACEBOOK page if you prefer this above discord.

Thanks for your support!

Rudy Visser and the Bad Crow Games team

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