Commander cards bring a new, unique type of game play for each faction. Each commander comes with a personalized set of tactics and pay-per-use upgrades that only they can access.

Some Commanders have had changes and improvements made since last November.

See all Commander Errata here.

US Faction core

British Faction CORE

German Faction CORE

Soviet Faction CORE

OKW Commanders

Oberkommando West Faction commander cards, including the German Elite, boosting your mobility and damage.


Use 16 unique, elite commanders that include all new vehicles and call-ins.






Eastern Reinforcements

New units and commanders for the Soviet Faction, including advanced, versatile units.


Pathfinder Pack

Two new unique commanders for the US and Wehrmacht factions that utilize diverse tactics.

Stug Assault Pack

Special commanders that bring elite infantry to the gameplay with fresh new upgrades.

Universal Commander

Commander rule Clarifications

Click individual Commander image for clarifications and updates.

General Commander Card Rule Clarifications and Reminders

  1. ​Commander pay-per-use abilities can only be activated once per round.
  2. Some unit pay-per-use abilities allow multiple units to activate an ability, in these cases each unit can only activate the ability once.
  3. Vehicle Call-In’s from Commander tiers can be purchased multiple times in a round.
  4. Unit Upgrades from Commander tiers are in addition to the units normal upgrade options found on their building board. These upgrades can only be purchased once per unit.
  5. Alternate unit versions found on some Commander Cards retain their original unit’s upgrade options unless otherwise specified. (See Royal Engineer Regiment and Devil’s Brigade examples below).
  6. REMINDER: Commander abilities never affect allies unless otherwise stated. The exception is indirect effects, for example placing an ‘Eye’ die for a Recon Plane ability reveals the hex for everyone.
  7. If a unit is destroyed that other units were retreating to (see Majors, Forward Emplacements, and OKW Supply Trucks) the retreating units choose a new retreat point during the next Maneuver Phase.

General Commander Card Rule Clarification Examples

2. Unit pay per use ability: the Mechanized Company’s Improved Repair ability allows all Riflemen to pay 1 munitions to gain +1 repair this round. While all Riflemen can choose to purchase this, each one can only do so once per round.

​3. Vehicle Call-In’s. Access to Sherman Easy Eights is not a pay per use ability; it is a passive purchase option. Multiple Easy Eight Shermans could be purchased in the same round.

​4. Unit Upgrades. The .50 cal Jeeps upgrade is available for purchase by all Jeeps, but each Jeep can only purchase it once. Doing so would not remove any other upgrade options (although in this case Jeeps do not happen to have other upgrades available).

5. Alternate Unit Versions. Specialized Training, converts Infantry into Royal Engineers with different base stats, but otherwise retain the upgrade options of the Infantry Sections on the building boards. The same goes for the alternate Churchill AVRE version. Note that the Devil’s Brigade unit specifically denies them the Riflemen upgrades.

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