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Bad Crow Games started with the passionate love for games by Chistopher Gabrielson. While others talked about cool ideas, he would be busy printing off cards, maps and getting people to test his ideas. Chris eventually got most of the other Gabrielson brothers, some nephews, and nieces to pitch in. Chris always strove to start with what we as players want to experience and build games to meet that. Chris passed away in October 2022 and it was his passion, creativity, and quest for perfection that made the company what it is. Bad Crow Games has continued on in his absence as we strive to keep his commitment to keeping experience and quality first.

Team Members

Bryan Green aka the Colonel

Co-Owner / Executive Producer

I love games, guns and glory. Let there be games. I also like yoga, hanging with my wife 3 dogs, 5 donkeys one horse and 35 chickens.
Location: Vicksburg Mississippi

Brian Gabrielson

CO-Owner / President

Spend my time losing at board games to my wife, while trying to keep the peices away from my 3 kids. Love to read and snowboard when I get the time.
Location: Lehi, UT

Aaron Swanson

Lead CoH Graphic Designer

My favorite hobby is finding new hobbies. Recently, woodworking, electronics, metal forging, and knitting.
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah


Lead Avatar Designer

I love digital and physcial forms of art! I also love gaming and spending time with my 4 cats. I'm always doing something creative professionally or for fun!
Location: Seattle, WA

Bryan Kromrey

Lead Visionary, Designer, and Developer

From sailing, to stealing any moment he can to enjoy with his family, Bryan seeks to make the most out of life. His true passion and devotion is working with the community, leaning on their passion to capture the absolute best game experiences possible. His love leads him to his ultimate goal to learn at every opportunity in a quest to be the best there ever was.
Location: Latham, NY

Rudy Visser

Community Manager / Lead playtester

CoHBG is what me made fall in love with boardgames. And i love to help out the community with explaining the rules, doing game teaches or just play games with them to have some fun! and in my free time i love to hang out with friend playing videogames, or building lego models!
Location: Balk, Netherlands

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