Added Items and Timeline Update

Greetings Soldiers,

It has now been about 1 year since our founder and my brother Christopher passed away. I want to again just give me thanks to all of you for the support during this past year. It has been an extremely difficult time dealing with his loss personally and for this company. During this year there have been legal, bookkeeping, accounting, organizational and creative challenges that we have had to overcome. 


We have spent quite a bit of time reviewing everything that goes in each faction and expansion and have decided to add more items! We will be posting these additions every 2 weeks along with our production status 🙂 

Addition for this week: Every copy of the Pathfinder Pack will now include a 2nd Wehrmacht Elephant! 


We were pushing hard for a December delivery, but very quickly we realized that was not going to work. So instead of frenetic push we slowed down, spent our time making sure that the game we are making is as perfect as can be. We are now 1 small step away from starting production; we are awaiting our last set of samples before we begin on the molds. We are 99% sure everything the molds would be fine but the triple check costs us only about 2 weeks. 

So as you can see below, we have a very conservative timeline with a delivery date in Q2. We will get more specific dates as we move further into the production phase. 


We have in the past used the website – This website is down for the next couple of weeks as we finish migrating everything to our new website This website is still a bit of a work in progress and hopefully will be at 100% in the next few weeks. 

As you look at this website you may see mention of an Avatar the Last Airbender game – this is a game that was started by Chris before he passed and has been slowly worked on whenever we had any spare time. We wont have any news or any more information on this till Company of Heroes in in full production. 



If you do have a new question or concern please just reach out and submit a ticket: .

Also If you have any questions about CoHbg2  join our community  DISCORD,  play TTS games, talk with other players and playtesters, use it with your translations group  or just have some fun. We also have a  FACEBOOK page if you prefer this above discord.

Thanks for the support.


Brian Gabrielson and the Bad Crow Games Team

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