Solo and Co-op Companion Guide

Updated Solo Rulebook (includes clarifications)

​Updated Green Victory Point Instruction Card

Updated Red Victory Point Instruction Card

​Victory Point Instruction Card Avery Labels

(Presta® 94213)


0. Ai Unit Cannot Move: If an Ai action card selects a unit that cannot move (for whatever reason, usually because it has already arrived or is adjacent to a target occupied control point) select the next eligible unit that meets the action card’s parameters.

​1. Pinning AI Green Units: When a unit is revealed inside a machine guns arc, if it is a green unit it is pinned and any reveal action is ignored. If the revealed unit is an event, the pinning has no effect and the event is processed as normal. Note that units in buildings and deployed MG units cannot be pinned. (In Basic Rules, any mg unit cannot be pinned as there is no deploy or packed up states in the Basic Rule.)

​2. Repeating AI Actions: An AI action is only applied to 1 AI unit. If there are 3 Green AI units on the board, and the AI comes to the Green Victory Point action, the AI moves 1 of it’s green units, and then proceeds to the next action icon on that action card. Sometimes the AI will waste cp in doing this.

​3. AI Round Tracker Timing: Move the AI round marker at the very end of the supply phase, after you collect resources. If the players have enough victory points by the time the round marker is moved, the players win.

​4. Ai and Battlefield Defenses: The original Solo system was not designed to work with human field defenses. Since that time a good system has been developed. See page 15 in the Online Solo Rulebook to see how to use field defenses with Ai (it works very well)

​5. Wehrmacht vs Wehrmacht. It is not recommended to play the Wehrmacht vs the Wehrmacht A.I.

6. AI Spawn: The AI spawns units as close to their retreat and reinforce point as it can.

​7. 2v2 vs AI: Each A.I. ‘player’ controls a single panel of the map. In a 2v2 vs AI one Ai spawns in the default spawn area and the other spawns on the other map panel. One of the human players can choose to spawn on the other map panel as well for an easier game, but otherwise for Humans the spawn remains the same as indicated on the map setup.

​8. Control Point vs Victory Point: Ai actions that move towards a control point is referring to both resource and victory points.

Human Player with AI Teammate

If a human player has an AI teammate the following should apply by default.

1. AI Visible to Teammate: The AI’s human teammate may check to see what an AI unit is at anytime.

​2. Remove Events: The human teammate may remove any events that she/he would like to from the AI’s tokens.

​3. Blue Spotters: When playing with a human player, the blue AI units now require a spotter to attack, rather than attacking any unit in their 4 range (note that if the AI’s human teammate is a beginner player or is otherwise outmatched, this rule can be removed).

​4. Choose AI Spawn: The AI’s teammate may choose where to spawn the AI units in the team spawn rather than only spawning AI units next to the repair and retreat point.

​5. AI Retreat: The AI teammate may retreat any green hearted AI unit.

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