Commander Card Errata

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These Commander Card Errata are available in print formats here. They are available in multiple formats, Avery label formats, with bleed and without. Note that the Avery 3×5″ labels will require slight trimming to fit on existing cards. PDF Print Files.

core Set

Elite Commander Collection

Stug assault pack

Commander Errata

Core Commanders

  • Jaeger Infantry Doctrine: This commander’s Tier 1 Ability, Hidden Training, costs 2 experience points and not 1. The Tier 3 Ability, Light Artillery Barrage, should read: “Deal 1 HE damage to 3 adjacent hexes during the Damage Phase. At least 1 of these hexes must be visible.”

​Elite Commander Collection

  • US Motor Pool: The Stuart tank requires a Tier 2 building to spawn and has turreted AP damage. The Calliope’s damage is turreted but is missing the correct arrow.
  • US Light Cavalry Company: The Stuart Call-In now requires a Tier 2 building to spawn.
  • Soviet Urban Assault Tactics: The KV-2 Assault Gun has Splash damage but is missing the corresponding symbol.
  • Tank Destroyer Doctrine West: The Jagdpanther has a fixed gun but incorrectly shows a turret. Puma Requires a Tier 2 Building.
  • Royal Armored Corps: The first tier costs 2 experience to unlock. (This delays an early Sexton rush).

StuG Assault Pack

  • StuG Assault Doctrine: Stormtroopers have 4 health and not 3. StuG’s require a Tier 2 Building.
  • StuG Tactics: The StuG costs 3 Manpower, not 2 Manpower. StuG’s require a Tier 2 Building.
  • Devil’s Brigade: Can move into and through all obstacles except enemy units. For example, water, impassable terrain, and into destroyed buildings. Destroyed buildings act as normal buildings for the Devil’s Brigade, including providing them heavy cover.

​We will be continuing to analyze community feedback and interaction about commanders and will post any future changes and errata here! IN the below section are some proposed changes that are being tested:

Currently no other Commander Errata in testing, but stay tuned.

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