Happy New Year!!! and More Additions

Greetings and Happy New Year!

We hope everyone the best going into this new year!  We are thankful for all the support on this project.  


This will probably be the last of the extra additions 😊

Veterans Update Kit: Adding 1 Stuart, 1 Sexton and adding the improved HQ tier building boards.

Elite Commanders Collection: +1 Stuart (for a total of 3) and +1 Sexton (for a total of 3)

Here is a look at the bottom portion of the improved HQ tier building boards.


We are still on pace for Q2 2024. We have provided all the neccessary files to our manufacturer for production and we are finalizing the last few detail and questions they have, 


If you do have a new question or concern please just reach out and submit a ticket: https://badcrowgames.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new .

Also If you have any questions about CoHbg2  join our community  DISCORD,  play TTS games, talk with other players and playtesters, use it with your translations group  or just have some fun. We also have a  FACEBOOK page if you prefer this above discord.

Thanks for the support.


Brian Gabrielson and the Bad Crow Games Team

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